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Print makes its presence felt

Gary Cullum gives three cheers for new ad models, print media ROI and the latest printing and mailroom trends

EXCITING times. The New European newspaper launched by Archant in July and aimed at the Remain 48 per cent – a large target market – is now auctioning off advertising packages. 

What a creative revenue booster for Britain’s newest newspaper launch. An auction where agency bidders set the rate card for varying packages – including full newspaper sponsorship. Thus far, The New European is a pop-up success. I can’t wait to see what other launches Archant, and other publishing houses watching from the sidelines, might have up their sleeves.

Although other recent print launches have not been so successful, PJ contributor Alan Geere says on page 3 that we should commend those publishers ‘for having a go’. And so we should. “In these days of entrenchment and consolidation, three cheers for everyone who has the nerve to try,” says Alan.


In fact both Alan and I produced the shortest-lived newspaper – back in 1993. We joined forces to produce The Campaigner (above) , a newspaper that was part of the Newspaper Society’s successful campaign against the Government’s threatened ‘tax on reading’ implementation of VAT on newspapers. I was contracted to the NS at the time, and Alan was a senior editorial manager at Thomson Regional Newspapers’ (later subject to a reverse takeover by Trinity International Holdings, publisher of the Liverpool Daily Post & Echo) head office in Watford.

THERE’S been a lot of positive PR recently about the power of print. Indeed in some media circles, there have been suggestions that national advertisers have gone too far in ‘throwing the newspaper out with the bath water’.  

An article in leading marketing magazine Campaign quotes senior media agency folk, recent effectiveness research from Newsworks, the marketing organisation for the UK’s national newspapers and a city analyst. Campaign concludes ‘leaving nostalgia aside there is evidence to suggest that brands have gone too far in throwing the newspaper out with the bathwater’.

This echoes of the comments by top agency boss Martin Sorrell who in March 2015 said that clients and agencies may want to rethink the shift of ad dollars into online media at the expense of traditional outlets, adding that print media may be more powerful than people think.

“There is an argument at the moment going on about the effectiveness of newspapers and magazines, even in their traditional form, and maybe they are more effective than people give them credit for,” Mr Sorrell said.

Mr Sorrell, chief executive of the world’s largest advertising agency group WPP, said recent research had found that traditional media can be more engaging and readers are likely to better retain information in print magazines and newspapers than with online and mobile content. He said advertisers in the future should look more at measuring engagement rather than time spent by a consumer.

It seems others may be starting to listen as media brands, both at national and regional level, continue to show their strength across all publishing platforms.

IT’S exhibition time, with the world’s newspaper publishers and printers expected to descend on Vienna next month for Wan-Ifra’s World Publishing Expo.   

In a drupa year (the world’s largest print technology exhibition held every four years in Dusseldorf), the smaller exhibitions tend to suffer and WPE is no exception. 

A small number of the larger suppliers who exhibited at drupa will not be present at the show due to budgetary consideration. But, being dedicated solely to the latest trends and technology offerings for our industry, it remains a must-attend show for those with responsibility for the future success of their businesses. 

On page 15, Wan-Ifra deputy CEO Manfred Werfel tells PJ readers how WPE has been restructured following feedback last year, and explains what the event will offer those who invest a day or two of their time in attending.  

On the same page, PJ’s Caryl Holland looks at current trends in the newspaper print market. And, of course, PJ will be at Expo and will provide unrivalled coverage during the show at pjnews.co.uk and post event in the printed edition. 

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