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Final call for entries to Stationers Company Innovation Excellence Awards

THE Stationers’ Company is making a final call for entries to the Stationers’ Company 2017 Innovation Excellence Awards. The awards are an opportunity for companies and organisations to be recognised for their innovation, creativity and best practice in product design, services, campaigns and business processes. 

The closing date to email entries to communications@stationers.org is 9 April 2017. Application forms can be downloaded from https://stationers.org/about/engagement-with-our-industries/innovation-excellence-awards/1735-innovation-excellence-awards-2017-new-categories-announced.html 

The awards are free to enter and open to all companies and organisations in all sectors of the UK communications and content industries:

• newspapers, telecommunications and broadcasting

• book, magazine and digital publishing

• paper, printing and packaging

• printing supplies including inks and coatings

• printing machinery

• office supplies

• design and advertising

• website design, computer and mobile games

Entries are invited to any of the five new categories: 

•Creative means of communicating with target audiences in the publishing, magazine, newspaper, advertising, books and broadcasting sectors 

•Novel manufacturing technology in paper, print, print supplies and machinery, bookbinding or packaging

•Innovative application of digital technologies across all Communications and Content sectors

•Novel product designs for retail markets in office supplies and book retailing 

•New communication programmes that enhance social development with a focus on community projects, education and the environment 

Winners will be announced at an awards luncheon and exhibition of shortlisted entries at Stationers’ Hall, London, on 20 June 2017. 

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