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German printer WITTICH automates presses with help of QI Press Controls

The German printing company, Druckhaus WITTICH KG, is upgrading two presses using automation systems from optical measurement and control systems specialist Q.I. Press Controls (QIPC).

The two companies are no strangers to collaboration: Druckhaus WITTICH KG has other presses already fitted with QIPC automation systems.

The latest upgrades entail one press which is making the changeover to QIPC, whilst the other is to receive a replacement for an older QIPC system.


Positive experiences

A manroland CROMOMAN printing press with five towers dating from 2002, located in Föhren in the south-west of Germany, will be equipped with a new mRC-3D system for colour control and cut-off control.

The ten cameras will replace the old QIPC IRS system. “They are aiming to bring about reductions in waste as well as to improve the quality of their printing,” Jaco Bleijenberg points out, explaining Druckhaus WITTICH KG’s objectives.

It was because of their positive experiences in the past that the company turned to QIPC for help once again. “Our printing plants in Herbstein (Hessen) and Herzberg (Brandenburg) already use QIPC’s mRC system,” says Frank Trossen of Druckhaus WITTICH KG. “That means we have a lot of confidence in this new QIPC system.”


Reliability guaranteed

The second mRC-3D system for colour register and cut-off control will be installed on a five tower manroland CROMOMAN press, dating from 1999.

This press currently uses a register system supplied by another company and this is to be replaced by the mRC-3D system. “Thanks to the new QIPC system, our printing press in Föhren will also be future-proof,” adds Mr Trossen.

Jaco Bleijenberg agrees. “In Herbstein and Herzberg they have experienced at firsthand how reliable the mRC system really is. At the end of the day, that was the strongest argument up our sleeve for convincing Druckhaus WITTICH KG to extend this collaboration.”


Confidence in a single partner

“In choosing a reliable, customer-focused partner of this calibre, we expect great things in the future,” declares Frank Trossen.

“The order now means that all our 17 printing towers are equipped with automation systems from one and the same partner. In this way, we represent an important client for QIPC. The fact that we have placed our confidence in a single partner is a mark of our confidence in QIPC.

” As far as the latter is concerned, Jaco Bleijenberg knows that he and QIPC will deliver on their promises.

“We have given Druckhaus WITTICH KG a lot of attention in the past and will continue to pay regular visits in the future. They expect a flawless, high-performance system and we will be going the extra mile to ensure that.”


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