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MNA Media launches new Shropshire Weekly magazine

Leading regional news publisher the Midland News Association is launching an exciting new weekly digest magazine for Shropshire called Shropshire Weekly.

Brought to readers by the publisher of the Shropshire Star, the magazine will include essential writing around life and culture in Shropshire and surrounding areas.

Shropshire Weekly will look into everything that matters to local people, from food to films, and from modern living to past memories. The first issue goes on sale tomorrow, Friday March 2.

It will be published every Friday and sold through retailers and postal home delivery

.A full time editorial team is working on the magazine, led by editor Thom Kennedy, the former Shropshire Star business editor.

Senior writers Nathan Rowden and Nick Humphreys have joined designer Michelle Dalton in producing the new MNA product, all reporting in to Shropshire Star editor Martin Wright

Shropshire Weekly will also feature regular contributors and columnists each week, from BBC Radio 2 DJ Chris Hawkins to Michelle Owen from Sky Sports and John Hughes of the Shropshire Wildlife Trust. 

Editor Thom Kennedy said: “We are thrilled to be producing a magazine that shines a light on life in Shropshire, and that readers will find useful, exciting, bold and appealing.

“It has people at its heart, and we want readers to share their experiences, stories and recommendations about life in our county.

“Shropshire Weekly is like nothing else that exists at the moment, and will provide a fresh new voice for local people. We are all hugely excited to be playing a part in the launch of a publication representing this great county.

“We are going to be looking at the country’s food scene, the great outdoors, its sporting endeavours plus cultural life. We will cover stories, debate issues, and look at the best experiences Shropshire has to offer.”

Readers have the option to subscribe to the magazine to save money, or to purchase off the shelf in retail outlets. The cover price will be £2.50.

Shropshire Star editor Martin Wright said: “In the current publishing climate, launching a new magazine is a brave move but is one that shows we are committed to the print industry. We hope that everyone in the county of Shropshire will join us and share their experiences.

”A marketing and communications campaign is currently underway to promote the new product. Free Radio and Signal 107 are running both competitions and adverts, whilst outdoor advertising is being used across Shropshire, supported by digital marketing and free copy giveaways.

“Social media platforms and a website will complement the product by being used to generate editorial content as well as the promotion of the title.”

Print managing director Graeme Clifford said: “The MNA is committed to print and this product will showcase the very best of Shropshire. We hope Shropshire Weekly will appeal to local people, particularly those who no longer feel they have the time for a daily newspaper, and we look forward to helping it to grow.”

The MNA publishes the UK’s biggest regional newspaper the Express & Star and its sister paper the Shropshire Star, which is the UK’s eighth biggest.

Shropshire Weekly will be printed by the MNA’s sister company Precision Colour Printing, based in Telford.

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