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Newspaper runs extended to New Zealand prisoners

PRISONERS in New Zealand are now being kept in the know by a scheme to increase literacy in jail, reports the New Zeland Herald.

The campaigners behind the scheme say that turning pages can turn lives around.

“In assisting prisoners this way, it will add to a prisoner’s educational, employment and general reading skills repertoire, preparing prisoners for their release,” said Lady Heeni of the Sir Peter Williams QC Penal Reform League.

“There is nothing like the written word and the feel of the newspaper, which all adds to a newspaper reading experience.

“This is so successful already, I have correspondence from prisoners asking their prison be put on our list for sponsorship.”

Corrections Minister Louise Upston said: “I have said before that changing the lives of offenders needs input from the community as well as the Government.

“We may take our newspapers for granted but for prisoners, the contact with the outside world, as well as a new source of reading material is something precious.”

More on this story on the New Zealand Herald website.

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