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NWN Media goes live on WebCMS and upgraded business directory from Miles 33

NORTH Wales-based NWN Media Group has gone live with its new WebCMS and upgraded Business Directory.

Previously, NWN Media had completed Phase 1, a new GN4 editorial content management system that replaced an ageing QuarkXpress-based system.

The installation enables content management activities to be extended to the websites.

Any GN4 user with the requisite permissions can publish to the web and social media channels from anywhere that they have an internet connection.

The new webCMS manages a total of 10 responsive websites covering the NWNMedia publishing region.This latest phase includes the update of NWN Media's Business Directory.

The update is based on Wave 2’s Marketplace solution, which adds full responsive behaviour to the Directory. This enhances the user experience for mobile users who might access the directory using their smartphones and tablets.

Gary York, digital manager at NWN Media said: “An integrated solution that combines our print and digital products allows us to be more responsive and enables us meet the requirements of our readers that have become used to receiving their news on mobile devices anywhere at any time of the day”.

Mike Moore, CEO of Miles 33 said: “The acquisition of Wave2 Media Solutions enabled us to integrate some of their core products to enhance the solutions already offered by Miles 33. The Wave2 Classified Marketplace can now support a Business Directory format as well as the classified sales site. Future options for Business Directory users will be support for multimedia advertising using the Wave2 Rich Media Engine.”

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