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Wan-Ifra report on print-online performance gap is published

WAN-IFRA’s World Printers Forum has published its latest report, 'Print-Online Performance Gap'.

The report is based on a study that suggests that publishers play to the strengths of where newspapers’ audience and revenues mostly reside.

The original US study found that newspapers’ assumptions, and subsequent strategies, that “print will one day die” were woefully off the mark. The study is revisted in the World Printers Forum Report, where one of the authors, Prof H Iris Chyi, concludes: “We do not believe that the readers abandoned the print product for the websites of the newspapers."

She adds: “The key is to acknowledge the reality, drop the death narrative [of print], value audience research, and deliver quality content through preferred platforms. Albeit no longer ‘wildly profitable,’ there is still a future of newspapers.”


In launching its report,Wan-Ifra says that it supports and promotes the ongoing transformation within the publishing industry, "much of it indeed driven by technology but ultimately by the audience and its ever-shifting consumption habits".

"We believe that an agile, multi-platform strategy is the only way forward to satisfy those evolving habits. And it goes without saying that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for any publisher, market or region

"For most publishers around the world, print indeed remains a core part of any platform strategy, and Wan-Ifra’s World Printers Forum focuses its energy on exploring the innovations and strategies for newspaper printers.

"This study, and our report, begs the question to us: What if we are on the wrong path? What if we should still be focusing most of our investment and energy primarily on print?"

Wan-Ifra says that the report aims to encourage a discussion on the importance of the printed newspaper today and in the future, as well as the consequences from the findings of latest research.

The 'Print-Online Performance Gap' report can be downloaded here: http://www.wan-ifra.org/reports/2017/03/21/print-online-performance-gap .

Wan-Ifra reports are free to members. Non member price: 250 EUR

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